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HydroRush for Bright White Roots

HydroRush An Oxygen Rich Water Treatment Additive That Provides for an Optimal Aerobic and Balanced Microbial Environment

Oxygen is necessary for your Root Zone and Growing Environment.

By providing more Oxygen in your water and reservoir, your chances of a balanced microbial environment could mean better use of the nutrients you use that could in turn help promote your garden’s desired results.

HydroRush™ is our pH neutral water treatment that maintains a balanced microbial environment without using harmful or poisonous chemicals.

A balanced microbial environment helps prevent formation of Anaerobic Conditions

HydroRush™ does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Benefits of a Balanced Microbal Environment:

  • Promotes Beneficial Microbes in Your Root Zone
  • Increased Aeration (O2) Helps Prevent Formation of Anaerobic Conditions
  • Can Prolong Life of Compost Tea
  • Helps Prevent Slime Build-Up and Rotten Egg Odor (H2S)
  • Better Absorption of Nutrients

Now Distributed by: Sunlight Supply

Contact your Sunlight Supply Garden Store or contact Sunlight Supply directly by clicking on this link.

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