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From Ron in Nantucket

I was so excited to find these images in my inbox yesterday morning that I had to share them with you. These images came from Ron ... Read More

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Naturally Balanced Microbes are the Key to Success Microbial balance is very crucial to keep any system clean and operating properly. Organic Nutrients are rich with ... Read More

Root Rot: Prevent it Now!

Root Rot is a generic name for several common opportunistic waterborne diseases that can seriously affect indoor and outdoor crops year round. Plain and simple, Root ... Read More

Rainwater Harvesting: Make sure your water is healthy

Rainwater harvesting as an alternative water supply for gardening is an innovative and earth friendly approach that anyone can use. Rainwater is ideal for gardening ... Read More

Chlorine Free Fast

Since the mid 1900's municipalities have been adding small amounts of chlorine to tap water to help eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens. The chlorinated water ... Read More

Benefiting Beneficials

The effects of beneficial microorganisms for your plants can be profound. To help get the maximum benefit from beneficial microorganisms, your nutrient solution should be well ... Read More

Goldilocks and Your Root Zone

Summer is here in full force affecting your water and nutrient temperatures. Cool water is ideal because it retains Oxygen better than warm water. With hot ... Read More

Prolong the Life of Your Compost Tea

The Nose, Knows. Last week Mike @theGardenSpout dosed his Compost Tea mixture with HydroRush with great results. As you know Compost Tea has a very short lifespan ... Read More

“How Does it Work?”

Robert from Boise, Idaho asked us on HydroRush's Facebook Page about how HydroRush works. Here's our answer to him on Facebook: "Robert, Organic material is metabolized in ... Read More

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