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From Ron in Nantucket

I was so excited to find these images in my inbox yesterday morning that I had to share them with you. These images came from Ron ... Read More

HydroRush Loves Michigan

We'll be there with all our bells and whistles! Find us at the Sunlight Supply Booth. Make your plans now because we'll be there with more ... Read More

Root Rot: Prevent it Now!

Root Rot is a generic name for several common opportunistic waterborne diseases that can seriously affect indoor and outdoor crops year round. Plain and simple, Root ... Read More

Day 18 Josh Update: Tons of White Roots

Josh from the Mid-West updated us and sent us a new photo of his roots (from seeds) = Amazing. Thank you Josh for sharing your results ... Read More

Seeds to Massive Roots in 13 days

After only 13 days from seeds in an optimal root zone, Josh from the Mid-West sent us his photos the other day. See Josh's comments ... Read More

Benefiting Beneficials

The effects of beneficial microorganisms for your plants can be profound. To help get the maximum benefit from beneficial microorganisms, your nutrient solution should be well ... Read More

Holy Cow Batman, Look at Those Roots!

We just received this image from @HomeGrownSupply. How could I not share them with you. Here's what we received today Tuesday, August 23. 25 days after ... Read More

More White Roots @homegrownsupply

First, many thanks to Chris @homegrownsupply for testing HydroRush. Our best wishes to you in your new endeavors. More Great News = More White Roots! If you've been ... Read More

Visit to Homegrown Garden Supply Part II

We stopped again to see how Chris' stressed plants were doing and we found lots of new root growth. So, in about a week, these roots ... Read More

Visit to Homegrown Garden Supply Part I

Last Thursday we dropped in to see Chris @homegrownsupply. There were some stressed out tomato plants from a water pump failure that had no roots ... Read More

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