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Day 108
DWC Outperforms

HydroRush and Deep Water Culture are definitely a great fit. Today we officially ended our Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing test. The following are my ... Read More

Day 104
Almost Time

As I wrote about a couple of days ago, we'll be focusing our efforts promoting fruit production. As you can see, it's almost time to harvest. Kevin ... Read More

Day 100
Milestone Day

Our 100th day! Can you believe it!? As you could probably tell from my last Post, we're evolving our protocals a little bit. We're now ... Read More

Day 97
The End is Near

What a journey this has been! From not really knowing much other than plants need sun and water to grow, I've learned a ton especially under ... Read More

Day 90
DWC Love

As you may have guessed from our FaceBook page and buzz going around, we've had our hands full the past couple of weeks and I'm ... Read More

Day 70
Latest Count

We're starting see a lot of what you see to the left; LOTS of Peppers! Especially on the HydroRush treated Pepper Plants in ... Read More

Day 59
Nutrient Change

I know, apologies Guys. I haven't forgotten about you. I've been busy learning about Plants from Kevin and doing a lot of counting good things ... Read More

Day 57
Mid-Term Report

Funny thing at The Garden Spout this morning. Owner Hank Carver commented that the guys were wondering if I was upset about something since my trips ... Read More

Day 54
Fruit Already

Well, Deep Water Culture does it again! After counting Flower-Sites I peeked under the leaves of the HydroRush treated Pepper Plant in DWC, look what I ... Read More

Day 50
Best Practices

We're doing our Nutrient Change tomorrow so I thought I'd let you know that what we've decided to do is to not follow Kevin's normal ... Read More

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