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Day 10
All Tucked In


HydroRush Plants in soil

Kevin’s hard work yesterday gave 30 Pepper Plant seedlings a new home and a secure start to healthy growth.

Hank shared that Kevin did notice that the seedlings treated with HydroRush did have brighter and whiter roots than the untreated seedlings that had a more translucent quality.

From our perspective, this is a good thing and going in the correct direction.

I expect to see measureable results in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll probably return this Thursday when Kevin returns and we transplant the remaing seedlings to Hydro.

HydroRush at the Garden Spout

HydroRush side-by-side comparison white roots
I could be biased, but the ones on the right look a little more robust. These will be transplanted this Thursday to Hydro.
HydroRush Day 10, 30 plants
30 soil pots planted
HydroRush Hydroton Clay Pellets
Hydroton Clay Pellets ready for the seedlings this Thursday.


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