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Day 108
DWC Outperforms


HydroRush Deep Water Culture Production Exceeds Expectations HydroRush and Deep Water Culture are definitely a great fit.

Today we officially ended our Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing test. The following are my observations and results.

Overall, I was very surprised at the results of our Deep Water Culture side-by-side grwoing test. Because of my lack of "Gardening" expertise to be honest, I had my doubts; but in the end, HydroRush performed to my pleasant discovery.


Bottom-Line: HydroRush produced more of everything.


The past months have opened my eyes and tested my assumptions about plants.

Simply stated, plants only grow as large as they need to get receive what they need to grow and prosper.

As you can see from this example, the non-treated Red Pepper Plant (left) appears to be physically larger compared to the compact HydroRush Red Pepper Plant (right).

I documented more Flower-Sites, Flowers and Fruit on the HydroRush treated plants. The end-result was a total weight difference of a quarter pound in favor of the HydroRush treated plants.

Deep Water Culture HydroRushW/Out
Fruit: (+3)74
Total Weight: (+.25lb)2,273g2,036g

HydroRush Deep Water Culture Red Bell Peppers more weight


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