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Day 12
In the “Nutes”


HydroRush The Garden Spout white roots

Another significant day I’ve been waiting for. We transplanted 30 Bell Pepper seedlings to the Hydroponics Systems.

After learning that the Hydroton Clay Pellets took about 6 hours to dry, Kevin determined that we’d put the plants on a 6 hour feeding cycle with a base nutrient solution of General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow.

Cycling of the nutrients I found out is different for every garden because of the different growing environments. Ours will most likely be different than yours, so it’s important to determine this first step before you proceed with your nutrient cycling.

The image above shows an almost flooded tray.


HydroRush hydroponics
HydroRush Hydroponics
HydroRush Hydroponics

We’re now officially off and running.

A couple of important things to note to explain the data to the left.

  1. It is important to record the amount of time it took for the Hydroton Clay Pellets (Media) to dry before assigning the timing (frequency) of the nutrient cycle.

  2. After another pH measurement once the nutrient cycle had begun, Kevin noticed an increase in pH from 6 – 6.5 to 7 so he added a teaspoon of General Hydroponics pH Down to the nutrients to get it back to the preferred pH of 6 – 6.5.

Day 12 Baseline Information:


Hybrid Wonder Bell Red Pepper
(seeds started 12.15.11)

Tap Water

5.5 - 6.5 pH

Tempurature Range (ambient)

68° - 75°F


30 - 35%


Nutrient Solution

pH: 6 - 6.5
E.C.: 0.9 - 1.0


HydroRush Dose
(for plants)

8 ml. per Gallon (strict)
3 ml. per Gallon (strict)

Nutrient Solution with HydroRush

pH: 6 - 6.5
E.C.: 1.5 - 1.6

General Notes:

No change in E.C. levels in the HydroRush solution after an hour.


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