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Day 13
Difference in a Day


HydroRush makes Deep Green Leaves

Today was one of those "What a Difference a Day Makes".

Kevin pointed out to me that the pepper plants treated with HydroRush at this point have more fully developed healthy leaves and a deeper green color indicating a healthier plant.

Cheers for HydroRush!

Click on the photo below for a side-by-side comparison (large image) and see for yourself. The plants on the left are treated with HydroRush; the plants on the right are not.


HydroRush Healthy Deep Green Leaves

HydroRush Cotyledon Leaves last longerWe also noticed that the Cotyledon Leaves on the untreated plants were yellowish and weak looking compared to the healthy HydroRush treated plants. Click on the image for a larger view.

We know that these leaves will die eventually once the new roots and leaves take over feeding the plant since the Cotyledons are only there to feed the plant while it’s developing it’s first roots, so I don’t know if this is of any significance, although most gardeners I’ve spoken to would not recommend purchasing transplants with yellowing Cotyledon Leaves.

We also found this to be the same with the pepper plants in soil. I’ll show you pictures of those on tomorrow’s post.

Tomorrow I’m also bringing plant labels so we can track individual plants and plant rotation to make sure that the plants are receiving even lighting in the trays.

Until then…

Cotyledon Leaves are the leaves of the embryo of a seed plant that, upon germination, remain in the seed or emerge, enlarge, and become green. Cotyledon leaves are also called "false leaves" or "seed leaves," in contrast to the first "true leaves" which develop later.


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