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Day 15
Democratic Lighting


HydroRush rotating lighting

All things being equal, I promised I’d address the possibility of uneven lighting. A few folks who have been observing this mentioned that the different growth rates in the pepper plants might be due to the uneven lighting (I even noticed it from different light readings from my camera). Although the uneven light levels having an affect are unlikely at this point in the testing, it might have long-term affects.

So, to the left is a diagram that approximates the plant rotation in the trays that we’ll be diligent about on a daily basis.

At every nutrient change (once a week for now), we’ll switch positions of the trays too.

Here are today’s side-by-side comparisons.

HydroRush Comparison in Media Day 15

HydroRush samples are on the left.

HydroRush Comparison in Soil

HydroRush treated plants on the right.


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