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Day 16
First Peek at Roots


HydroRush White Roots

Nothing dramatic to report today, just continued plant growth, but I did take a peek at the roots (yesterday) that you can see to the left.

We’re going to install a grid background in the next few days so you’ll be able to track the plant growth over time and Alex Grossi our Oregon representative from Sunlight Supply told me he might have a time lapse camera hanging around the Sunlight Supply warehouse we can use to create a a little movie for you guys.

That should be fun.


Below are today’s images – Day 16

HydroRush Day 16 Media

Pepper Plants in Media with HydroRush.

HydroRush in media without

Pepper Plants in Media without HydroRush.

HydroRush in soil without

Pepper Plants in Soil without HydroRush.

HydroRush in soil with

Pepper Plants in Soil with HydroRush.


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