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Day 25
Lovin’ Deep Water


HydroRush Day 25 Pepper Plants in Deep Water

I’m thinking that these pepper plants are Lovin’ Deep Water. Of course what plant wouldn’t like having all the nutrients available to them around the clock.

Kind of like having your favorite foods available to you when you want them all the time; of course all of this is under the watchful eye and tender loving care of Kevin Price.

A special "Shout-Out" to Heavy T’s Grow Show for having us on the show and many thanks to those who listened and called in with your great questions.

At any time, if you have questions about HydroRush or from what you see on these Blog Posts, don’t be a stranger and use the "Leave a Comment" box at the end of these Posts.

Today’s side-by-side photo below.

HydroRush Day 24 Pepper Plants in soil

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the left.

Hydrorush Day 24 in soiless media

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the right.


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Lovin’ Deep Water”

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