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Day 26
Edema Alert


HydroRush Day 26 Edema on pepper plants

Well, another day of learning for me.

I was merely going about my business photographing the pepper plants when I noticed Kevin became very quiet and hovering over the pepper plants with squinted eyes.

Before I knew it Nick and Hank rushed to the scene and were doing the same.

This photo (left) is what was causing the entire stir.

Unbeknownst to me, Hank has mastered the art of "Google-Fu". While Kevin and Nick were frantically examining all the plants (every single one of them), Hank declared the diagnosis, "Edema".

Apparently too much water was accumulating in the soil. This can typically happen when the roots absorb water at a rate faster than is lost through transpiration. The remedy, drying the soil more than normal between each watering and make sure there is adequate circulation (oscillating fan).

I felt like I was in an Emergency Room watching these Plant Doctors save the day. These are Men of many talents at The Garden Spout.

Note this only occured in the Pepper Plants in Soil and not the Hydro. Remember we’re letting the Hydroton dry out adequately (6 hours) before flooding the tray with nutrients.

Today was also Nutrient Change day, so I’ll have more to report tomorrow. Plus, Nick had some good suggestions on how to optimize our Deep Water Pepper Plants.

I also have another surprise in store for you tomorrow = To be continued…

HydroRush Fox Farm Potting Soil
A concerned Kevin Inspecting the Pepper Plants
HydroRush Root Builder Pots
Hank Carver and Nick Inspecting Pepper Plants for Edema
HydroRush Transplanting
Kevin Inspecting the Pepper Plants under magnification

I almost forgot what you came here for. Today’s images of the Pepper Plants.

HydroRush Day 24 Pepper Plants in soil

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the left.

Hydrorush Day 24 in soiless media

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the right.


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Edema Alert”

  1. I’ve been growing queen Sheba for a couple months now – she’s the first thing I’ve everything successfully grown in my life and when there is any fluctuation I 911 Google as well 🙂 went thru it tonight as she’s got edema. I planted a crop of Vietnamese babies (sheeba is also a Vietnamese pepper) on dec.9th. They were ready for transplant on dec. 26th – I believe this is where the problem happened. I built a light box with a florescent ballast light 5000. I put tin foil around all of them to keep in warmth and promote more light exposure. 7 days later sheeba has edema – I believe the new light+tin foil+evaporating moisture from 15 surrounding baby plants under the light = edema. I ripped down the tin foil, put a fan on them and have been staring for hours. WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOUR EDEMA CRISIS lol I’m dying

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