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Day 27
PlantCam Arrives


HydroRush Day 27 Plant Cam

Well it took a bit of doing but we finally connected with Sunlight Supply who’s allowing us to borrow their PlantCam.

We still have to dial in the camera; like the width of the captured image, focus etc. We’re planning on capturing an image every 3 hours, so we’ll eventually have a movie where one day (24 frames) will create 1 second of video.

Nick was able to mount the camera to the wall directly across from the trays, so we’ll see tomorrow if this is far enough away to capture all four trays.

This will be fun to see after a few days, so stay tuned.

Thursday is Nutrient Change Day

Yesterday was Nutrient Change Day, so the Nutes were changed and the trays were swapped again to ensure even lighting amongst the trays of pepper plants. All nutrieint levels (E.C.) were kept the same in the Trays.


The Deep Water Culture (DWC) received their Nutrient Changes as well as some improvements suggested by Nick.

Hydrorush Day 27 Deep Water Culture Pepper Plants

As I mentioned yesterday, Nick’s suggestions to improve the Deep Water Pepper Plants were to provide more Air to the DWC and lower the water so that the nutrients were not totally submerging the roots.

Kevin noticed that after one day this improved the brown root situation of the untreated Pepper Plants.

Deep Water Equipment and Nutrient Data:

LED Lights

Sunlight AgroLED LED Fixtures
AgroLED T8 LED Tubes (4)
176 watts

Air Pump

EcoPlus Commercial Air 3 35 Watt Air Pump
Duel Outlet

Air Stones

EcoPlus Large Round Air Stone


Nutrient Solution

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow

Nutrient Solution E.C.

E.C. without HydroRush: 0.9
E.C. with HydroRush: 1.6

HydroRush Dose

3 ml. per Gallon (strict)

Today’s Pepper Plants.

HydroRush Day 27 Pepper Plants in Soil

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the Left.

HydroRush Day 27 Pepper Plants in Media

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the Left.


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