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Day 3
My Second Visit


HydroRush The Garden Spout Hank Carver

One of the nicest Guys in the World, Hank Carver, Owner of The Garden Spout in Portland, Oregon poses for his Mother (or… did he say girlfriend) next to a tray of the HydroRush treated seedlings.

HydroRush treated seedling roots

Not much to report today, but I did notice about another inch of growth from my first visit. (click on it and it’ll get bigger)

Rumor has it that we might be transplanting this Thursday.

HydroRush Day 3 White Roots

No real noticeable difference between the Treated (left) and Untreated (right). The Temperature under the lights was 71.6F; the Humidity was 66%.

I’ll have more detailed information when Kevin returns to work this Thursday.

The Equipment:


GrowLab Clone Lab


8 lamp T8 LED fixture with Blue and White Lights

Bottom Tray:

2' x 4'
Botanicare White Grow Tray

Smaller Trays:

60-Cell Propagation Tray


International Horticulture Plugs inoculated with Mycorrhizae


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