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Day 35
Solar Panels Anyone?


HydroRush Day 35 Leaf Sets

Today’s going to be a short Post after yesterday’s “Novel”.

When I arrived at The Garden Spout this afternoon I found Kevin hunched over counting leaves….Hmmm, I’m guessing he had just read yesterday’s Post and wanted to make sure he was speaking accurately. Too bad I didn’t have my camera set up yet.

Me: So, Kevin, what did you find?

Kevin: ….(pause), There are 2-4 more leaf-sets than on the the untreated.

Me: Do you mean 2-4 more leaves per plant or 2-4 "Sets" of leaves?

Kevin: (still counting) …There are 2-4 "Sets" of leaves! (now showing me)

Me: That’s a good thing. Isn’t it?

Kevin didn’t answer, he was still counting leaves like he didn’t believe it himself.


Solar Panels Anyone?

Here’s a quick "Nugget" that I learned and for you to contemplate.

Leaves are like Solar Panels: The more surface area your leaves have, the less energy your plant has to spend growing taller to receive "Light Energy".

I’ll be writting about this more later. In the meantime here’s what the plants look like today. (Note the black plastic on the walls. We had to do this for better light exposures from the time-lapse camera.)


HydroRush Day 27 Pepper Plants in Soil

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the Right.

HydroRush Day 27 Pepper Plants in Media

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the Left.


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