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Day 40
Getting Crowded


HydroRush Day 40 time to look at white roots

It’s been a few days and these Pepper Plants continue to grow larger everyday.

As you can see, these trays are starting to get crowded.

Kevin’s back from his days-off on Saturday, so we’ll have a lot going on; Nutrient Change, Trays Swapped and… if we have time, start pulling a couple of plants from each System for some through picture taking so we can see what the Root Development looks like.

Long day tomorrow. I think I’ll count the leaf-sets in the Ebb and Flo system for comparison = Stay tuned.

HydroRush Day 24 Pepper Plants in soil

HydroRush Pepper Plants are on the right.

Hydrorush Day 24 in soiless media

I’m noticing the plants responding to the light more. We’ll see what the difference is next week after we swap the trays.


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