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Day 42
Always a Runt


HydroRush Day 25 Pepper Plants in Deep Water

Well, I’m swallowing my pride. Remember when I posted “Lovin’ Deep Water” (Day 25, 01.25)?

I’m conceeding my cocksure ways… A Runt will Always be a Runt!

The HydroRush Pepper Plant is on the right in the photo to the left.

I was warned by those who know better, that the HydroRush treated Pepper Plant that we used in the Deep Water Culture was way to much of a Runt to be able to show you fairly what HydroRush would do, so I’m thowing in the towel on this test and starting over tomorrow.

HydroRush Day 42 Deep Water Culture
This is what those two look like today 17 days later.

Today was a 5 hour day at The Garden Spout with Nutirent Changes and pairing Pepper Plant for… Pulling plants and Looking at ROOTS!

I’ll have more details and photos tomorrow, but I want to post my consulation image. Our first attempt at a time-lapse movie of any length.

Enjoy the 30 sec. Show.


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