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Day 50
Best Practices


HydroRush Day 50 Clean Reservoir Trays

We’re doing our Nutrient Change tomorrow so I thought I’d let you know that what we’ve decided to do is to not follow Kevin’s normal “Best Practices” at each Nutrient Change and not thoroughly wash and sterilize the Reservoirs to see if HydroRush makes a difference in slime and sludge build up.

I know most of you clean and sterilize your Nutrient Reservoirs as you should, but I’m guessing that there are some Hydroponic Gardeners who get lazy from time-to-time and we know that this can lead to some problems down the road if you’re not careful.

We know that HydroRush provide the microbes with Oxygen that they need to create a "Balanced" microbial environment in your root zone that will help prevent Pythium or Root Rot on your plant’s roots. By preventing what is often the start of these problems (slime and sludge) especially if you’re using Organic Nutrients, you’ll be able to be confident that your front-line of prevention is already working for you.

So, we’ll document this as we go along and at the end of this test we’ll cut open the tubes and hoses and see what they show us.



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