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Day 9
Transplanted to Soil


This is one of the days I’ve been waiting for; we transplanted 15 HydroRush treated and 15 untreated seedling to soil.

Here’s basically what we did today:

  1. Final watering of the seedling in seed plugs with HydroRush (2 ml per gallon)
  2. Careful mixing of the soil (Fox Farm Potting Soil)
  3. Transplant seedlings into 1 Gallon RootBuilder Pots

Transplanting to the Hydroponics System will happen this Thursday when Kevin returns to work.

HydroRush Electro Conductivity ppm
An E.C. reading before watering
HydroRush Electro Conductivity ppm
Last watering before transplanting

HydroRush Electro Conductivity ppm
Plants looking for a new home

HydroRush Fox Farm Potting Soil
Carefully mixing the soil
HydroRush Root Builder Pots
Preparing the RootBuilder Pots
HydroRush Transplanting
Transplanting the Pepper seedlings

HydroRush White Roots
The new set up


400 watt Metal Halide Bulbs


Sunlight Cool Sun 6"

Water Filtration

Hydro-Logic Small Boy Water Filter


Botanicare Ebb & Flo / Flood Trays


40-Gallon Reservoir


1 Gallon RootBuilder
1 Gallon Square RootMaker

pH Control

General Hydroponics
pH Down


Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil (nutrient adequate)

Hydro Nutrients

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow


Hydroton Clay Pellets


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