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Day 90
DWC Love


HydroRush Deep Water Culture

As you may have guessed from our FaceBook page and buzz going around, we’ve had our hands full the past couple of weeks and I’m happy to say we’re closing in on a good solution for everybody.

That said, our Pepper Plants are doing great for the most part and are just about to give us a bounty of Bell Peppers to harvest = Yum!

Hydrorush Day 22 Deep Water Culture Pepper Plants

It wasn’t until yesterday during my almost daily photography session with the plants that I realized that we hadn’t given much love to our Deep Water Culture Pepper Plants.

Remember how these looked way back on Day 22?

I am amazed (again) at how these Deep Water Culture plants are doing. See for yourself below. The HydroRush treated container had 7 peppers vs. the untreated with 5 peppers.

HydroRush Treated Deep Water Culture

HydroRush Day 90 DWC with HydroRush

The first thing that I noticed was how healthy the HydroRush treated pepper plants looked. Nice compact deep green turgid leaves and better looking Fruit.

UnTreated Deep Water Culture

HydroRush Day 90 Untreated Deep Water Culture

I’m seeing some leaf burn and discolored leaves and underdeveloped peppers.

But, as we all know at the end of the day it’s about how much Fruit and the quality of the Fruit we harvest, so we’ll see what happens as we near the end of our Side-By-Side growing test.

Doesn’t this make you want to do Deep Water Culture? Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where we’ve had nonstop rain the past few weeks. I don’t know too many folks who got Tomatoes out of their gardens last summer = DWC might be a good way to go all year round.


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