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Root Blog: Pepper Plant Documentation
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Root Blog: Pepper Plant Documentation

HydroRush Garden Spout Grow Test Root Blog

Well, we're finally going to get what I've been asking for; documentation of new white root and healthy plant growth over an eight (8) week period. Our objective is to collect objective quantitative data that will tell the story of HydroRush.

Admittedly, I'm not a Gardener; I'm a Marketer. I'm the one who gets the message out to you who are reading this about what HydroRush "is" and how it performs. So, I'm finally happy that we're doing this. This is my Blog.

Here's what we're going to show from the very beginning of the plant growth through an eight week period:

  1. Seedlings initially treated with HydroRush; eight weeks
  2. Plants treated with HydroRush; six weeks
  3. Plants treated without HydroRush; six weeks

Your comments are always welcome.
Scott Sakamoto, Director of Marketing, HydroRush


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