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Goldilocks and Your Root Zone


HydroRush Provides needed Oxygen in warm weather conditions

Summer is here in full force affecting your water and nutrient temperatures.

Cool water is ideal because it retains Oxygen better than warm water. With hot weather temperatures, limited Oxygen influence nutrient uptake and plant health negatively and promote the growth of unwanted anaerobic microbes.

HydroRush provides an alternate Oxygen source that is not affected by Summer temperatures in a normal growing system. This can help alleviate plant growth challenges that warm summer weather brings.

If your growing solution feels like a warm water bath then you may have a problem just waiting to happen.

Different temperatures trigger different microorganisms, and keeping nutrient temperatures consistently in the right range will keep the bad ones at bay.

As water warms up it can’t hold onto the oxygen molecules as well and unwanted microorganisms are triggered and begin to grow and multiply. The plants wont be able to process the nutrients from the water they need. It also puts undo stress on the plants and they go into survival mode, dropping other functions like fruiting in hopes of just staying alive.

It’s generally known that water and nutrient temperatures in the root zone should be kept around 21°C (70°F) if possible. Above this temperature, Oxygen content in your nutrient solution will be reduced and nutrient uptake by your plants will be diminished not to mention the growth of unwanted microbes or fungus and the threat of brown roots and root rot.

Before HydroRush, introducing more Oxygen was expensive or inefficient like installing air conditioning (expensive), bubblers or aeration systems (inefficient) or as a last resort poisonous and caustic (H2O2) that was likely to kill your beneficial microbes.

A few common sense practices like not letting your nutrient solutions get too warm before using and always stirring them vigorously before application would help.

Now, you have HydroRush’s patented formula that provides Oxygen from alternate sources can help your struggling plants in warm Summer weather where low or minimal Oxygen levels exist (Anoxic) and help the growth of beneficial microbes that will soon out perform the bad ones.

The presence of this Oxygen will then aid the growth of beneficial microbes that will then nurture rapid root growth that will in turn help ensure your plants proper nutrient uptake and healthy growth during the warm Summer months.


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