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Holy Cow Batman, Look at Those Roots!


We just received this image from @HomeGrownSupply. How could I not share them with you.

Here’s what we received today Tuesday, August 23. 25 days after our first and only application of HydroRush on a distressed tomato plant.

HydroRush 22 day root growth at Home Grown Garden Supply

If you want to see the complete progression of this tomato plant’s root growth; from no roots to this root mass, check out our August 14th post: More White Roots @homegrownsupply

Look below at what a difference a little more than a week makes (10 days).


Friday, August 12. (After 15 days)

HydroRush White Roots Homegrown Garden Supply

Tuesday, August 23. (After 25 days)


3 Responses to “Holy Cow Batman, Look at Those Roots!”

  1. So how do I go about getting a sample since everyone was spammed? If pictures show a 1,000 words this one shows at least 2,000,000. but mainly two…HOLY $#%@!
    I’m about to start a new cycle and would love to throw this into my indoor growing. Let me know when samples are available again. Thanks!

    • Juan Muniz
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    • Hey Juan,
      Thank you for your comments. I’ll eMail you a link later this morning.

      • Scott
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