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How it Works

HydroRush How It Workds

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HydroRush is like your Insurance Policy for your Garden and Plants, paving the way toward a successful gardening experience.

Our formula enhances your microbial environment that diligent gardeners should be happy to embrace.

HydroRush is long lasting and will not dissipate quickly over time providing an excellent nutrient source for your beneficial microbes.

HydroRush is a safe supplement for your microbe that is used as an electron acceptor allowing certain microbes (bacteria) to oxidize in your Hydroponic Water System.

HydroRush acts as a stimulant that accelerates the activity of abundant beneficial microbes that in turn provides beneficial Oxygen toward a balanced microbial environment.

When Oxygen becomes available, it triggers a beneficial respiration process that is vitally important to your garden.

This is how HydroRush helps accelerate your desired results.


When more Oxygen becomes available,
the better your chances of:

  • Beneficial respiration process occurring promoting microbial growth
  • Increased biomass of beneficial organisms
  • Increased microbial activity that could help release “locked-up” nutrients; increasing availability for root uptake and utilization
  • Longevity in microbial availability


Now Distributed by: Sunlight Supply

Contact your Sunlight Supply Garden Store or contact Sunlight Supply directly by clicking on this link.

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  • Promotion of Beneficial Microbes in Your Root Zone
  • Increased Aeration (O2) Helps Prevent Formation of Anaerobic Conditions
  • Mixes Easily with Mineral & Organic Nutrients
  • Can Prolong Life of Compost Tea
  • Helps Prevent Slime Build-Up and Rotten Egg Odor (H2S)
  • Efficient Nutrient Uptake

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