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Anaerobic Respiration

HydroRush Water Treatment for Anaerobic Respriation

Anaerobic Respiration is a form of respiration using electron acceptors other than Oxygen.

In your Hydroponic growing environment, microbes are capable of using several other terminal electron accepters besides oxygen. With anaerobic organisms, less-oxidizing substances such as sulfates (SO3) are used.

This is called Anaerobic Respiration.

Since these electron acceptors have smaller reduction potentials than (O2), less energy is released per oxidized molecule. Anaerobic respiration is, therefore, in general less efficient than aerobic respiration.

Molecular Oxygen (O2) is highly oxidizing and, therefore, an excellent acceptor.

HydroRush prevents anaerobic conditions and microbes from using acceptors such as Sulfates SO3 .

When HydroRush is used, it releases Oxygen from available sources. The Oxygen then attack the SO3 breaking apart the bonds between the Sulfur creating 3 Oxygen molecules and 1 Sulfur molecule providing usable Oxygen for your plant roots and plant health.

Hydroponic growers recognize this because they often bubble air to provide free Oxygen molecules for their plants. This is effective but not efficient.

Every bubble that reaches the surface is wasted. It is probable that 99% or more of the Oxygen that is introduced (bubbled) is wasted.

HydroRush is an efficient replacement or complement to your existing aerating systems.

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