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Anoxic Respiration

HydroRush Water Treatment for Anoxic Respiration

Anoxic Respiration occurs when aerobic microbes sustain themselves in the absence of oxygen or in a minimized oxygen environment (anoxic).

Anoxic conditions can occur in your hydroponic growing environment when respiratory consumption of oxygen primarily by microbes (bacteria), outpace atmospheric and photosynthetic re-oxygenation.

In order for anoxic respiration to take place, sufficient quantities of nutrients usually present from your plant nutrients or fertilizers must be present.

Our HydroRush formula releases Oxygen from those available sources and is used as an electron acceptor by microbes to oxidize itself in ways that are beneficial to your plant’s roots and nutrient uptake.

This process is called Anoxic Respiration.

Electron Acceptor: Inorganic compounds that can accept electrons and can allow complete oxidation of organic substrates are called electron acceptors. The most common electron acceptors used by microorganisms in natural environments are oxygen, nitrate, ferric iron, sulfate, and carbon dioxide.

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