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HydroRush Q&A


HydroRush is 100% Made in the USA

Thank you for sending us your questions. We frequently receive questions from Gardeners like you who also share their discoveries of the new ways HydroRush has improved and benefited their gardens. We always welcome your feedback.

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What is in HydroRush?

HydroRush is a water treatment formulation that will maintain a balanced microbial environment in your growing system.

How does HydroRush work?

HydroRush provides an environment suitable for microbes (bacteria) that are highly beneficial for digesting waste that increases the conversion of anaerobic by-products (i.e. sludge) to a beneficial food source for microbes

Does HydroRush contain microbes?


HydroRush is a "Food Source" for microbes (bacteria). Microbes are beneficial for your plant-growing environment as long as these beneficial bacteria have enough food sources. The healthy growth of beneficial microbes will generally out compete anaerobic, or bad bacteria.

Why does slime build up and I get the rotten egg (H2S) smell?

This is a result of the abundance of anaerobic bacteria because there is lack of oxygen in the environment and lack of a proper supply of microbial food sources.

I use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) at high rates is a good bactericide. It is also lethal to ALL bacteria and other organisms. So, using H2O2 as a disinfectant works well.

H2O2 at low doses can be effective and has been used to provide 02 to the growing environment, but it does not provide a food source for beneficial microbes that allows them to multiply and proliferate.

Does HydroRush increase oxygen levels in water?

No, HydroRush will not increase the oxygen levels in water (Dissolved Oxygen). HydroRush acts as a Bio Stimulant that is a food source for microbes that are available in your root zone.

Does HydroRush have an effect on the pH of my growing solution?

HydroRush is pH neutral so no significant pH change should be observed. This will depend on other materials you are using but in most cases there will be no change in pH levels.

What does HydroRush do to my PPM in solution?

HydroRush will initially elevate your ppm, but at recommended doses in combination with normal ppm of nutrient solutions we have tested have only produced beneficial results in plants.

To start, we suggest you use HydroRush with mid range ppm rates of nutrients rather than highest levels or over-the-top levels. HydroRush will enhance the plant’s uptake of nutrients and increase the presence of beneficial aerobic microbes (bacteria).

How often do I use HydroRush?

For normal systems that are already clean, we suggest usage in combination with your nutrient use every 7-14 days.

If you have a dirty system (muddy, murky, anaerobic), we recommend use every 7 days until conditions improve.

Can I use HydroRush during Bloom and Finish?

We recommend NOT to use HydroRush in your system past the first week of Bloom.

Do I still use my aeration bubbler?

Yes, adding air (O2) to the water system is beneficial and should not be changed if you are already doing so. We recommend that you additionally use HydroRush to promote Oxygen in your root zone.

I grow in soil. Can I use HydroRush?

HydroRush works well in Hydroponic Systems using soilless media (most commonly mistaken for soil). The usage rate of HydroRush is slightly higher (see label instructions).

By stimulating good bacteria growth, better nutrient utilization can occur and therefore, better plant growth.

I overdosed my nutrient tank with HydroRush. What should I do?

HydroRush has approximately a 2x safety factor before any serious plant damage has been seen. To be safe, we recommend you drain your nutrient reservoir and start over as soon as you observe this happening by adding the correct amount of HydroRush.

Symptoms of HydroRush overdose are the same as excess nutrient use by the plant. Usually seen as leaf margin burn.

I have a partially used container of HydroRush. How long will it last?

HydroRush has a long shelf life. Once you open a bottle and use some, secure the cap tightly between uses. It is best to use HydroRush within 6 months of first opening bottle.

I brew my own compost tea. Can I use HydroRush to extend the life of my brew?

Yes. We have received great feedback from gardeners doing this. HydroRush in a brewing system will help keep aerobic bacteria alive and more active, thus minimizing anaerobic conditions that lead to the “rank” effect and subsequent smell of rotten eggs (H2S).

Caution: We recommend NOT to use HydroRush in your system past the first week of Bloom.


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