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HydroRush White Roots for your Plants


HydroRush fast white roots early plant development Cloner, ez cloner


2 Responses to “HydroRush White Roots for your Plants”

  1. Hey the name is DJ. I have been wondering how to get more oxygen to my roots and I think I found the solution. I was wondering if I could get a sample sent to my house to try out and see for myself . I appreciate you takin time to check out this email.

    • Donald Ivancovich
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    • Hi DJ.
      Thank you for contacting HydroRush.

      Yes indeed, HydroRush is a highly specialized Water Treatment that provides O2 (Oxygen) for your Microbes in your Root Zone.

      This will promote fast plant development for your Garden.

      I’ve sent you an eMail with a link to our HydroRush Sample Request page.

      Hope to hear from your soon.

      Thank you for your interest in HydroRush

      • Scott
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