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The Internet is a Great Tool for Supporting your Garden Store and Your Customers. At HydroRush we have benefited from our use of the Internet and we want to help create those marketing benefits for your Garden Store’s growth as well.


We’re About Building Relationships
Our philosophy at HydroRush is to foster strong relationships with our "Garden Store Family" and to help them build relationships with their Customer-Base by not only being responsive to your customers, but to your Internet Presence as well. When you deliver worthwhile Internet Content, just let us know and we’ll help you “Broadcast” it.

In the end, you’ll build relationships with HydroRush and your Customers that extend beyond “Doing Business as Usual”.


We Are Responsive:
We’re on top of it; At HydroRush, “Now” is never soon enough.

We engage with and collaborate with some of the best Internet Marketing Talent in the Pacific Northwest. We follow and utilize the most current “Best Practices” in Internet Marketing.

This means you’ll benefit from our relationship with your Indoor Garden Store because we’re quick to “Broadcast” optimized Content that will help drive customer traffic to your Garden Store.


Our Value:
HydroRush is an honest Water Treatment Product that really works.
We truly want your customers gardens to flourish. We’re not like some who’s focus is purely “Sales”; we want to help with your Customer’s Successes!


Broadcast your Message with HydroRush and Grow Your Business
If you’re interested and you’d like us to send you an Internet Marketing Kit, just complete the information below and we’ll be in touch with you and get you on your way.

HydroRush Internet Media Kit

Please Note: For your Security and Privacy, this is a double “Opt-In” Form. This means you will be sent a confirmation eMail that you “Must Approve” to allow us to send your your Free Sample of HydroRush

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