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From Ron in Nantucket


HydroRush Cloner Feeder Roots

I was so excited to find these images in my inbox yesterday morning that I had to share them with you.

These images came from Ron in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Ron has been a Hydroponics Gardener for the past 28 years and since 2005 has been developing Hydroponic Growing Systems and his own blend of nutrients.

I’ll be posting more images from Ron over the next few weeks as he is currently testing HydroRush and we will provide his results here and on his Website (I’ll forward the link as soon as it gets posted).

Thank you Ron from Nantucket! We’ll defintely stay in touch!

Click on these images and they get really BIG. Ron also sent me some picture of some massive roots balls, but we’ll share those with you later.

Enjoy these for now.

HydroRush Feeder Roots Cloner, ez cloner

“Cloning trays shows a more robust faster growing root system with HydroRush!”

Ron from Nantucket


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