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Prolong the Life of Your Compost Tea


The Nose, Knows.

HyrdoRush Prolongs life of Compost Tea

Last week Mike @theGardenSpout dosed his Compost Tea mixture with HydroRush with great results.

As you know Compost Tea has a very short lifespan (24 hours or so).

5 days after dosing with HydroRush the tested samples were still active. The control sample without HydroRush was long gone.

Commonly used Aerated Compost Tea (AACT or ACT) involves adding Oxygen to your Compost Tea and a food source in the Compost Tea mixture in order for it to work.

Creating optimal conditions for aerobic microbes (with Oxygen) AACT allows you to multiply the microbes in the starting compost by several thousand times.

We know many bad plant pathogens are Anaerobic and prefer low to no oxygen conditions.

By making sure the tea and the compost itself are well Oxygenated and highly aerobic, you can potentially eliminate the potential plant disease causing microbes and plant-toxic products and promote the growth of beneficial microbes.

Today’s man-made growing mediums like rock wool, expanded clay pellets, sphagnum moss mixes and other growing mediums lack beneficial microbes.

By releasing additional Oxygen, to beneficial microbes in the root zone, the bad microbes have no place to live and grow because the bad microbes can’t find nutrients to survive. More so, the benficial microbes out-grow and out-perform the bad ones.

HydroRush has been shown to improve the life of Compost Teas and thus improve the availability of nutrients for beneficial microbes that will result in more new roots growth and healthier plants.


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