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HydroRush Oxygen Rich Supplement for Microbes

HydroRush is an Oxygen Rich Supplement for your Microbes

We’re more than just “Another Sample”.
You’ll discover more efficient Nutrient Uptake that will provide early plant development,
more Flower-Sites and Fruit.

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Benefits of HydroRush

HydroRush™ is our pH neutral water treatment that releases Oxygen from available sources that provides a safe and efficient way to introduce available Oxygen for your plants without using harmful or poisonous chemicals.

  • Efficient Nutrient Uptake
  • Fast Plant Development
  • Tighter Internodule Spacing
  • Increased Flower-Sites
  • Increased Aeration
  • Prevents Formation of Anaerobic Conditions
  • Prolongs Life of Compost Tea
  • Accelerated Bright White Root Growth
  • Helps Prevent Slime Build-Up and Rotten Egg Odor (H2S)
  • Promotes and Allows Beneficial Microbes to Thrive
  • pH Neutral
  • Mixes easily with Mineral & Organic Nutrients

HydroRush is More Than Another Sample

As you may have heard, HydroRush is an entirely new way to think about your Gardening. There is nothing like it.

  1. It’s Safe! We’re not toxic or dangerous like Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. Easy to use and mixes well will everything you already use. We just make everything better and more efficient
  3. Prolongs the life of Organic Nutrients and Compost Tea


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Note: HydroRush is not Hydrogen Peroxide or any form of H2O2

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